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Turbo Liner Product Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from Turbo Liner's line of coating products.

The Basics

100% Solids Polyurethane, Polyurea, Coatings; Spray On, Roll On or Brush On.
Our Products Monolithically Bond to virtually any surface creating an Air Tight and Water Tight Seal.
Extends Equipment Life!
Elastomeric properties allow for applications to virtually any surface.
Expansion, Contraction, Movement and Flexing; Are Not An Issue!

Protects Against
Skids (slipping)
Sound Dampening

Abrasion Resistance

Where severe wear is a problem Turbo Liner's product solutions outperform rubber, plastics, and metals. Turbo Liner's coatings have strong resistance to abrasion allows for the fabrication of many products using less material, making it a very cost effective production material. Other benefits include lighter weight, longer life, and reduced costs of maintenance and replacement. This makes Turbo Liner a perfect solution for slurry tanks, chute systems, shaker screens, dump beds and many other application.

Highly Impact Resistant

While conventional plastic materials tend to become brittle as they become harder; Turbo Liner's polyurea's and polyurethanes remain more elastic and resistant to fracture. This great toughness makes Turbo Liner products  the ideal solution for parts that have to stand up to high impact. Suitable for high flex applications when repeated flexing is present, Turbo Liner coatings and linings will not crack. Turbo Liner offers an important advantage; it retains its strength and toughness regardless of selected thickness. Turbo Liner has been used in the mining industry, boat dock manufacturing, metal fabrication, police and first responders equipment and storage systems, vehicle up fitters, bumper manufacturers and truck step manufacturers because of its durability and impact resistance. 

Noise Reduction Capabilities

Turbo Liner is ideal for sound-deadening and anti-vibration applications.
Depending on its thickness, Turbo Liner's products will substantially reduce noise and vibration because of its flexibility and extreme resilience.

Resistant To Oil, Grease, And Chemicals

Rubbers and plastics show excellent resistance to certain solvents, oils and chemicals. Turbo Liner's coatings take it one step further and will resist a much wider range of substances.

Stays Flexable At Low Temperatures

Turbo Liner's coatings have the strong properties that will remain flexible when subjected to extreme cold conditions down to -40° F. Turbo Liner also offers products that are resistant to thermal shock without cracking, or losing their bond.