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Turbo Liner Applications

Turbo Liner has a wide variety of products that cover an even wider variety of applications.
It doesn't matter if its a Brush on, Roll on, Spray on, Cold or Hot Spray Application; We Have A Coating For You!
What does this mean to you as a Contractors or Applicators?
It means there aren't many projects you can present to us that we can't help you coat or protect.

Below are just some of the countless uses for our products.


Automotive service center floors
Bathroom walls and floor
Boiler/utility room floor
Cement pads
Cement roof

Commercial kitchen floor
Concrete deck
Dog kennel compartments
Fountain interior
Gas station pavement

Greenhouse floor
Hot tub and pool deck
Meat processing facility floor and walls
Metal stairs
Planter box interior

Wave pool
Wooden deck
Wooden stairs


Metal sea container
100-gallon bead polisher interior
Above ground storage tanks (FAA)
Above ground and buried pipes
Acid treatment facility I-beams
Aggregate plants
Aggregate chutes
Agricultural equipment and livestock facilities
Aquaculture tank interior
Bag houses
Cinder block secondary containment interior
Coal mine shower walls and floors
Commercial vans, boats, trailers and truck equipment
Conveyor belts
Conveyor rollers, idlers and pulleys
Cooling tower interior
Crate interior and exterior
Cylinder nail-polishing machine interior
Dredging equipment
Electric control box exterior

Exhaust fan surface
Food processing facility floor and walls
Frac tank
Fuel oil tank exterior
Factory roof and water tank exterior
Fiberglass pipe exterior
Flotation cells
Flotation dock
Food processing facility floor and walls
Forklift fork covers
Gasoline storage tank repair
Gas cylinder exterior
Haul trucks
Hazardous waste handling components
Hazardous waste incinerator plant floor
Hopper interior and exterior
Immersion services
Liquid processing chamber interior
Loading buckets

Marine maintenance facilities (dry dock)
Marine vessels and equipment
Material chute interior
Material handling equipment
Mechanical galvanizing tumbler interior
Mining equipment and facilities
Mixing paddles with ceramic leading edge
Mover's storage container exterior
Non-skid, non-slip work surfaces
Oil/petroleum production facilities (on and off shore)
Parts bin interior
Pipeline interior and exterior
Pipeline spools
Potable water tank
Poured concrete secondary containment interior
Prefabricated building components
Primary containment
Refrigerator drip pans
Sandblasting facility walls and floors

Seaweed processing tank
Secondary containment
Settling tank interior and exterior
Service bodies
Sewage tank exterior
Shaker tables
Slurry reservoir interior
Slurry tank interior
Sorting tables
Sound attenuation
Splash zones
Steel holding tank
Storage bin interior
Storage container
Vibrating chute interior
Vibratory ramps
Vibratory, de-burring/polishing component interior
Water tank interior
Wave attenuators


Ambulance body interiors
Baggage cart
Cargo bags and racks
Gas tank exterior
Ingress chutes for cement mixers

Jeep tubs and body interiors
Lawn mower
Lookout tower bolt and nut bins and bases
Mower deck
Oil pan exterior

Planter box interior
Service bodies
Snow plow blades
Splash well interior
Speaker box surface

Toolbox interior
Trash can exterior
Truck beds


Ambulance floor
Animal control van interior
Bakery delivery van floor
Beverage trailer lift gate
Biomedical waste-hauling trucks
Boat dock
Boat trailer surface
Bulldozer bucket
Bus roof, wheel wells, floor and under body
Car hauler surface
Cargo trailer interior
Carpet cleaner van interior
Cement mixer, cab and chute
Combine cutter head
Commercial truck cab
Ferryboat deck
Dock box, floor and exterior

Dump truck floor, walls and interior
FedEx van rear cargo area
Fertilizer truck bucket
Fire truck water and storage compartments
Fishing boat exterior
Fish stocking truck holding tanks
Flatbed bed
Food delivery truck floor and lower walls
Gas transport vehicle bed
Glass transport truck components
Golf cart
Grain hauler floor and walls
Hi-cube trailer floor
Horse-trailer floor, walls, fender and leading edge
Houseboat deck, walls and engine compartment

Jet ski interior
Livestock trailer floor and wall
Luggage compartments
Manure spreader components
Passenger/rail car floors
Passenger/van roof and interior
Postal jeep
Pumper vacuum interior and compartments
Racing vehicle trailer floor, walls and ramp
Raft aluminium floor
Railroad lumber cars
Railroad tanker cars
Refrigerated butcher shop van interior
Refrigerated delivery van interior
River raft storage boxes

Sailboat floor, walls and interior storage areas
Salt spreader
Semi-truck engine cover
Snow equipment
Street sweeper interior components
Street vehicle bed and walls
Tank trailer floor
Tip-up utility vehicle bed
Tow truck bed
Transport van floor and ramp
Truck service bodies
Utility cart interior
Utility truck interior
Water softening delivery truck component


Amphibian cage interior
Amusements park ride
Bull display on restaurant roof
Chicago museum of science & industry petroleum pipeline walkway
Shrimp boat

King-sized basketball display
Native American hut display floor and walls
Outdoor theater wall display
Paper mache building decor
Park slide surface

Pavilion building cupola
Porch pillar capitals
Reindeer statue surface
Rodeo clown barrel
Skating park

Styrofoam rock garden
Theme park floor
Triceratops museum display
Water slide


Baseball Stadiums
Below Grade Membranes
Between Slabs
Car wash floors and walls
Cold Rooms
Commercial Floors
Foundation Walls
Fire Rated Decks

Helicopter Pads
Highway Bridges
Indoor and Outdoor Floors
Industrial Floors
Mechanical Rooms

NSF-61 Approved Applications
Over Occupied Space
Parking Decks
Parking Structures
Pedestrian Decks
Reflecting Polls
Residential Floors

Roof Decks
Shower Pans
Sun Decks
Steam Rooms
Under Tiles
Vehicular Decks

As you can see the list is long. It comes down to this, If you can imagine it we can help you coat and protect it!