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Faster, Tougher, Better

At Turbo Liner, we believe that you should be able to open your bed liner or Coatings Business at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing any of the Quality. Our Turbo Liner Products offers a factory like finish, clean edges with no drips plus more resistance to UV rays than other products - keeping your vehicle or project looking better, longer. The Turbo Liner "Total Surface Contact" application prevents noise and vibration and remains flexible when sprayed to any thickness on a variety of surfaces including truck beds, bed rails, wheel wells, rocker panels, vehicle hoods, grills. Industrial coatings applications include mining equipment, powder magazines, tank linings, secondary containments, floor coatings and so much more. We do not offer franchises.

Other Applications



Concrete floors or foundations



Tractor parts, Fence posts, Horse stalls.



Boat trailers, Boat interiors and decks.



Ponds, Playground Equipment, Kennels, Flooring, ATV's and UTV parts



Shaft repairs, powder boxes and mining equipment.



Backhoe's, Dump Truck's, Dozer's and other equipment parts.

Automotive Products

Technically speaking Turbo Liner is a Hot Spray Polyurea coating that uses high pressure heated equipment for its application. When sprayed Turbo Liner comes through the equipment at 160-165°F with a spray pressure of 2200psi. The heating of the material greatly speeds up the application process. As Turbo Liner is being sprayed it takes 6-8 seconds to setup and is ready to use for normal use in just 6 hours.

Turbo Liner vs Others

Turbo Liner uses the latest technology to give you good color stability and a clean factory like finish. We at Turbo Liner feel that giving a good quality product is best for us, our dealers, as well as, you the customer. Just remember, "A Hot Spray is the Only Way."

  • Prevents rust and corrosion as well as resists scratches
  • High heat and pressure application
  • Noise dampening
  • Contoured fit to reduce slippage
  • Factory like appearance and improves resale value
  • Greater UV stability
  • Theft proof

Featured Project

Jeep Wrangler received SEMA Award top honors in the Hottest 4x4-SUV Category. The SEMA Award represents the collective voice of the industry. This Award is a way to tap into the exhibitors' unique ability to identify what's hot just as the trends are gaining momentum.

We are proud of the service we provide our dealers and the results they can produce with our product. 

Why use Turbo Liner?

Turbo Liners superiority lies in its base material, POLYUREA.Unlike the polyurethanes that are used by our competitors, Turbo Liner only takes about 1 hour to install and is ready for regular use in just 6 hours. Some competitors products take from 2 to 8 hours to install and may take 2 days or more to be ready for actual use. Turbo Liner will withstand higher sustained temperatures (up to 350 F) than leading polyurethane products, which start to break down at 120 F. Turbo Liner does not react to water and/or moisture. Some polyurethane products can emit hazardous vapors when they come in contact with water and or moisture.

We are a dealer network.

Franchises are designed to lock you into a contract that benefits the franchiser

and not you the franchisee.  We want you to make money from the start without

all the extra overhead.

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