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Turbo Liner Industrial Coatings

Turbo Liner offers a full line of high-performance polyurea, polyaspartic, and polyurethane coatings.

Whether industrial, residential, or commercial applications; our products have a range of chemical and physical properties to accommodate project requirements.

We provide premium products and quality service and support to our customers.

If you can imagine it Turbo Liner is here to help you figure out how coat it!


Products for waterproofing foundations, Caulking for seams as well as Potable Water Storage. Protection for harshest of environments!!!

Quality and Appearance

A Durable Premium Product With an Amazing Look. Hmm!! Strong and Good Looking!

Flooring & Decking & Walls

Products for Garage/Shop Floors, Driveways and Slabs, Car Wash Bays. Protect your Investment!

Protecting Your Investment

Today its important to invest wisely and protecting that investment is a big deal. 

Industrial Coatings

Products for the Mining Industry; Shaft Repairs, Powder Magazines: Secondary Containment's; Slurry Tanks, Storage Tanks, Spillways  

Applying Our Products

Turbo Liner Is a seamless application, this makes it perfect for containment areas and many other applications

Protection At It's Best!

We offer Premium and Quality Products.

Our polyurea coatings are as tough as as they come, extremely durable and resistant most chemicals.
All our raw materials and batches have quality control checks through various points of production.
All batches are sampled and retained for up to a year, we trust every batch manufactured is produced within our strict manufacturing guidelines.
Through research and development efforts we can provide solutions for any type of specialized application.

See information about the history and development of polyurea's HERE

  • Modified Polyurea

    Turbo Liner® 11

    Turbo Liner® 55

    Turbo Liner® 85

    Turbo Liner® 558

    Turbo Liner® MH752

  • Polyurethanes

    Turbo Liner® LP12

    Turbo Liner® PC150

    Turbo Liner® 220

    Turbo Liner® PC280

  • Primers

    Turbo Liner® 12

    Turbo Liner® 21

    Turbo Liner® 172

    Turbo Liner® 2180

    Turbo Liner® EBF

    Turbo Liner® U

  • Pure Polyurea

    Turbo Liner® 5502

    Turbo Liner® 5602

    Turbo Liner® 5901

    Turbo Liner® 7502

    Turbo Liner® 7752

    Turbo Liner® 8245

  • Polyaspartic

    Turbo Liner® 7000

    Turbo Liner® 7072

  • Topcoat

    Turbo Liner® 11 TC

    Turbo Liner® 100

    Turbo Liner® 1110

    Turbo Liner® 7000

    Turbo Liner® 7072