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Why Should You Use Turbo Liner?

  1. No franchising fees. Franchise fees cost the dealer more money.
  2. Fully protected territory included at no cost with all new setups.
  3. Point of sales materials available just by using our materials. If you have equipment and are looking for a new supplier and you are not in a existing dealers territory just give us a call.
  4. The most complete standard system package you will find for a heated high pressure system. Including support chemicals, safety equipment, shop supplies. These are just some of the things most companies don't offer with their standard set ups.
  5. Better U.V. protection and color stability.
  6. A full line of PCC (Polyurea Commercial Products)
  7. Complete in house support system covering the equipment and chemicals.

Why is a Franchise a bad idea?

  1. With a franchise you get fees all kinds of extra fees. Oh and you get to use their name and they do advertisements that you may never even see in your area.
  2. A protected territory at an added cost but who are they protecting, Them or you.
  3. Almost all companies that franchise have material quotas and you must meet these quotas otherwise you lose you franchise.
  4. Franchise fees. Refer to #1 some companies charge as much as $10,000 to $20,000 or more in franchising fees. Weather it is an up front cost or added to material and supply costs you still pay.
  5. Would you believe that some companies have even started charging additional fees for VU additives.
  6. Higher initial system costs for the same equipment.
  7. Most expensive material on the market just because you spent the extra money to be a franchise.



We are a dealer network.

Franchises are designed to lock you into a contract that benefits the franchiser

and not you the franchisee.  We want you to make money from the start without

all the extra overhead.

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